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Lily's 101 BIGGEST PET PEEVES. [a must read!] 
12th-Sep-2009 01:11 am
fucked up
Okay, so this was originally made at like 2:30 in the morning on February 15, 2009. I don't really know what made me want to make it... but I did. LOL. & I pee myself laughing every time I read it. So, I thought I'd share it all with you! :D

This also includes some my friends Julia and Laura share with me. :] & I was thinking... lol I might keep this going over time. LOL & add to it as I go to make it bigger. :D

And here we goooooo!

1. The fact the milk expires.

2. The fact that we live in the 21st century and Milk STILL expires. Lmfao.

3. When pajama bottoms never stay on your leg and ride up your leg when you are sleeping.

4. The fact that Tea Leoni is called an actress.

5. Health Care in this country. Or wait... shouldn’t that be a joke?

6. Body hair. Period.

7. The fact that we can't just up and move to NYC cause we're not made of gold.

8. Socks where the seam doesn’t stay at the toe… and goes under your toes so that you are walking on a bump. -.-

9. Ohio... cause it's in between Indiana and PA

10. People that spell "a lot" as one word!

11. Proof Reading.... nuff said

12. People forgetting our birthdays

13. Remakes of Motown songs! Like Cher and Phil Collins... uhh seriously?

14. People who don't know how to make plurals. JUST ADD A FUCKING S. (Or change the Y to an I and add ES.)
Apostrophes have nothing to do with it

15. People who don't know the difference between "you're" and "your."

16. Haters. Come on! Don’t you have something better to do?

17. Reruns.

18. Commercials seeing your product over and over again! Isn’t going to convince me!

19. When people ask me if I saw that commercial last night. -.-

20. American Idol. I don’t feel like listening to people suck at singing. If I want that ill ask my brother to sing. -.-

21. Videos on the internet that have commercials that load fine, but then the rest of the video doesn't work.

22. People in the LEFT turning lane who go STRAIGHT when the light is RED

23. People who think parking lots don't apply to them- You know who these people are. They park in the fire lane
next to the curb at the supermarket, mall, etc. But they put their blinkers on, so that makes it ok. ???

24. Automated customer service. ALL I WANT IS AN OPERATOR DAMMIT!

25. When you're using MapQuest or similar website, and when you click on "zoom in," it picks some random
location in the middle of the country (or Canada).

26. Websites that hide their store locator or number? DO YOU WANT CUSTOMERS OR NOT?

27. Things that don’t do what they are suppose to do… like pressing start on the microwave and it doesn’t start… or when you try to push the toast down in the toaster and it doesn’t work.

28. When you call a help line (like sprint or Verizon) and you have to enter your info like your soc, your pin number and phone number then the operator comes on and asks you the SAME STUFF. WTF??? And then you get transferred to like 10 different people who ask the same thing.

29. Not being able to use the mic when you webcam.

30. Websites that when you hit the "back" button, don't go back to the same spot on the page.

31. When I am using the internet, and I click "submit form" or something and NOTHING HAPPENS.

32. Time differences! Dude. What. The. Hell.

33. People who leave their turn signal on FOR FUCKING EVER. Seriously… me and my dad drive behind people that turned about a mile back and their still freaking blinking… -.-

34. People who wear sunglasses inside! Where the fuck is the sun?!"

35. Thinking your writing or video editing sucks and everyone else is like “That was great!”

36. Thinking you rocked something and it bombing

37. People who say "I don't know" when they really DO KNOW

38. People who say they are fine when they aren't

39. People who say they will be right back and NEVER come back

40. Tutorials on the internet that you follow... word for word... AND THEY STILL DON'T WORK!

41. Guys who wear their pants passed their ass cheeks! WTF DUDE. Put a belt on.

42. Different dialects. Seriously dude. Can’t we all just pick ONE language?

43. People who over use words like “dude”. Like me. -.-

44. People who don't like it when we curse. Fuck you all. Lol.

45. People who IM you a million times trying to get your attention! If I don’t answer you, I’m not there! Or don’t want to talk. Get the picture.

46. When you go to IM someone but its not the right person and they have no idea what you are talking about. I DO THAT ALL THE TIME.

47. When people put an away message up saying "going away" JUST SIGN OFF!!

48. George bush. Enough said.

49. Politics…. Seriously… I really don’t care!

50. When you type all this stuff on IMs or texts and all you get back is "lol" or "haha".

51. The fact that it took 7 freaking years for Mulder and Scully to finally get together. -.-

52. High School Musical, Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers & Hilary Duff.

53. Hair on the bathroom sink... or in the tub drain... GROSS!!!

54. People who try and talk to you while your favorite show is on... MAKES ME WANT TO CRY!!! :’[

55. People who pick their nose in public... -.-

56. People who check their zippers AFTER leaving the bathroom! WTF?

57. People who smoke next to you… ugh.

58. People who order lots of fat food and then a diet coke, seems so pointless.

59. Being poor… it really does suck.

60. When your phone dies right when you most need it. ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME.

61. Wrong numbers at 5 in the freaking morning… seriously? Come on now…

62. When you get a text message meant for someone else and you have no IDEA what is going on.

63. When an automated voice operator calls and you don’t answer and they leave this EXTREMLEY long voice mail for you and then get cut off cause there is no more room on your machine. -.- WTF.

64. People who sit down next to you on the bus or at the bus stop and talk to you even though you're obviously listening to music or something and DON'T WANNA TALK TO THEM.

65. Diana Fowley… HER POINT PLEASE?!?

66. WWE WRESTLEING! IT’S FAKE! & IF YOU ARE JUST FIGURING THAT OUT! Sorry... but it’s true. Idiots. -.-

67. When you're stuck behind someone who walks so fucking SLOW. Especially in supermarkets!

68. Double sided disks or DVDs! Grrrr.

69. When people pronounce milk "melk" and pillow "pellow". Lmfao.

70. Reality TV shows! COME ON! Not even those are completely true.

71. People who see you walking towards them and keep walking in your direction instead of moving over. Okay… if you really want me to walk into you… I WILL!

72. People who ask you for a lighter. WTF… I seriously hate that… honestly… I don’t think I look like a smoker.

73. When people stand in front of the TV at like the most important part. :[


75. PEOPLE WHO STEAL YOUR THUNDER. GOD DAMN YOU! All I want is a little credit!

76. The fact that there are always 8 hotdogs in a package… BUT 12 BUNS!!!!! What are we suppose to miss place 4 of them? Freaking ridiculous.

77. People who complain all the time… AKA ME!

78. How about weird celeb baby names?… Like Apple and Kyd.

79. People that have more than 6 kids. IE. Angelina and the octuplet lady.

80. People who use blue tooth on their cell phones… who the fuck are you talking to?

81. When you eyelashes stick together.

82. When its 2:30 in the morning and you have nothing better to do than make a list like this.


84. Getting a pimple right in the middle on your forehead. GIVE ME A BREAK.

85. Censorship laws. WTF happened to freedom of speech?

86. Dictionaries that don’t have the word you are looking for… yes it’s true. LOL!

87. Movies that don't end. I HATE CLIFFHANGERS SO FREAKING MUCH.

88. Going to the bathroom and THEN finding out there is NO MORE toilet paper.

89. The toilet seat being left up. Assholes.

90. When you have to sneeze and it doesn’t come out!

91. When everything you say gets made into a big innuendo. Always happens to me!

92. Clichés. It’s only cute when you are Mulder and Scully.

93. Dandruff and dark clothes. It’s like a fate worse than death.

94. Chris Carter covering up the mole above Gillian Anderson’s lip. Why!?! IT’S SOOO CUTE!

95. When you wear a Snuggie. You look like a monk. So pointless. Why don’t you just wear a bathrobe backwards?

96. When parents talk about their sex life. WTF.

97. People who chew with their mouth open. YOU. ARE. NOT. A. COW.

98. Knowing that David Duchovny will never love us the way we really want him to. :’[

99. When you download something off the internet and HAVE NO IDEA where it went on your computer and it ends up on some temporary folder in east bumble fuck.

100. When people push a door that says pull. Or when they pull a door that says push. And when there is no sign indicating either way! This world is half ass backwards!

101. YOUTUBE. YES YOU! YOU SUCK! You take my pretty videos away! Fail YouTube, fail.

There. I am done ranting. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer. Ha ha! But, just so you know… I was laughing the whole time I was making this. I am right though, aren’t I?! :D WHICH ONES DO YOU AGREE WITH? Lmfao.

12th-Sep-2009 05:40 am (UTC)
Ohmybuhda. I remember staying up til like 4 am making this and webcaming with the idiot with her aviators on. and laughing so hard cause we couldn't focus for shit.
we need to make another list baaaaaybeeeeeee.
12th-Sep-2009 05:43 am (UTC)

You are just jealous of my hardcorness. ;]
12th-Sep-2009 05:48 am (UTC)
oh totally. :)
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