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fucked up
Okay, so this was originally made at like 2:30 in the morning on February 15, 2009. I don't really know what made me want to make it... but I did. LOL. & I pee myself laughing every time I read it. So, I thought I'd share it all with you! :D

This also includes some my friends Julia and Laura share with me. :] & I was thinking... lol I might keep this going over time. LOL & add to it as I go to make it bigger. :D

And here we goooooo!

1. The fact the milk expires.

2. The fact that we live in the 21st century and Milk STILL expires. Lmfao.

3. When pajama bottoms never stay on your leg and ride up your leg when you are sleeping.

4. The fact that Tea Leoni is called an actress.

5. Health Care in this country. Or wait... shouldn’t that be a joke?

6. Body hair. Period.

7. The fact that we can't just up and move to NYC cause we're not made of gold.

8. Socks where the seam doesn’t stay at the toe… and goes under your toes so that you are walking on a bump. -.-

9. Ohio... cause it's in between Indiana and PA

10. People that spell "a lot" as one word!

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20th-Aug-2009 02:15 pm - ZOMG. IT'S A NEW X-FILES VIDEO. xD
rollingstone babaaay
Yeah, so I haven't gotten around to posting any new art. Lol. I have a flea problem. -sobs- & I just bathed ONE of my cats yesterday. I got in the tub with him while my dad sat on the outside of it. I felt so bad for him. :( More bad for him than my dad, who was getting clawed in the face the entire time. But, it has got to happen, all the fleas are attacking ME. I look like a Leper. It's so bad. -sighs- :'( Oh well... another cat is going to be bathed today... AT LEAST HE HAS NO CLAWS! But, he does have a mean punch. -.- *shoots self in head*

ANYWAY... I really should have posted this video RIGHT after I made it... but then again - I am lazy. LOL. This is my first video started and completed in about 4 months.... :/ My laptop broke a in April, so I had to wait till I got the money to buy a new one. & Since then... I haven't had ANY of the motivation I used to have to complete any of the videos I have in progress. (which is easily around 20) -.-

Title: The X-Files: Season 8 Finale | Epic Scene
Description: Showcasing the most epic scene (in my opinion) from the show with all the dialogue, flash backs, flash forwards and effects to add emotion and meaning. (longer, BETTER description on Youtube)
Music: Saving Josh by Trevor Morris
Date Started: July 29th at 3am.
Date Finished: July 31st at 6am.

Download in HD .wmv here: 
Watch in HD here:


fucked up
[01-41] X-Files
[42-51] Gillian & David
[52-57] Gillian
     + 1 Mulder|Scully wallpaper.


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